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Value transfer


If you change jobs and move to a different pension scheme for that reason, you can transfer your pension to your new pension fund or insurer. The balance of your pension capital determines what happens to your pension. 

If you have accrued more than € 594.89 a year (2023), it is up to you whether you take your pension with you to your new pension fund or insurer. This may be favourable, for example, if your new employer has a better pension scheme. Or perhaps you would like to have all your pensions with one provider. If so, please contact your new pension fund or insurer. If you do not wish to transfer your pension, then you do not need to do anything. Your pension will remain at Flexsecurity. If you would like help in making your choice, we or your financial adviser will be happy to assist.

If you have accrued less pension than € 594.89 (2023) and more than €2.00 a year, and left the company after 1 January 2019, Flexsecurity will make sure your pension goes automatically to your new pension fund or insurer. Flexsecurity therefore checks annually at www.mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl whether you are accruing your pension with a new pension fund or insurer. If you do not have a new pension fund or insurer, your pension capital remains with Flexsecurity. On your retirement date, you will use this capital to purchase a pension for yourself and any partner. 

If you changed jobs after 1 January 2019 and you have accrued a pension of €2.00 or less a year, you will not receive that pension. This amount falls to the fund in accordance with the statutory regulations.


The regulations set out precisely what you will receive in our pension scheme. The regulations can be downloaded here (in Dutch).

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