How do you accrue pension?

Basic Pension


You accrue pension in three ways:

A. AOW: this is state old-age pension that you receive from the government if you have resided or worked in the Netherlands. You can read more about AOW at
B. Pension capital that you accrue in the Basic Scheme at Flexsecurity. You accrue this pension via your employer. This is what this Pension 1-2-3 is about.
C. Pension that you arrange yourself. Examples include an annuity or a blocked bank savings account. 


Contributions are deposited every month in your name in the fund’s investment account. These contributions and the returns made on them form pension capital. You use this capital to purchase a retirement and partner’s pension on your retirement date. We call this a defined contribution scheme


You do not pay any pension contributions for the accrual of pension capital in the Basic Scheme. Your employer pays the full contribution.

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