I am moving back to my home country

You will be moving back to your home country in the near future. The most important thing is that we can still contact you; after all we are managing some of your money.

  1. If your e-mail address is going to change, you can submit your new e-mail address by logging into Mijn Pensioencijfers (My Pension Figures). You can change your e-mail address in ‘Mijn gegevens’ (My information; the block at the bottom left). This will ensure that we can contact you if we have important news relating to the pension capital you have accrued with us.
  2. Please make sure we have your new address. You can do this in the following ways:
    • You can report your new address to the municipality from which you are moving. We will then automatically be sent the details.
    • You can also update this information in Mijn Pensioencijfers.
    • You can also e-mail your new address to info@flexsecuritypensioen.nl. Please note that you must send a copy of your proof of identity if you update the data by e-mail so that we know that we are linking the correct data to the right person.

Please note that if you then move again after having returned to your home country, it is important that you notify us of this. This can only be done via Mijn Pensioencijfers or by sending an e-mail that includes a copy of your proof of identity as an attachment.

In some cases, you can have your pension capital paid out to you when you move. Please refer to the heading I would like to have my pension capital paid out for more information.

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