Uniform Pension Overview

  • What is the Uniform Pension Overview?

    The Uniform Pension Overview shows what pension capital you have accrued at Flexsecurity. You can also see how much pension you can expect to purchase with this capital for yourself and any surviving dependants.

    All pension funds and insurers use the same model for the pension overview. If you have a partner, you can easily compare your pension overview with that of your partner. And you can easily add up the amounts on the pension overview.

  • What is listed on the pension overview?

    The pension overview shows what pension capital you have accrued at Flexsecurity Pensioen up to and including last year. Changes occurring from 1 January of this year will not be listed in this year’s pension overview, but in next year’s.

    You can also find the following information in the pension overview:

    • the basic details of you and any partner
    • information on the pension capital that you have accrued
    • information on the pension capital to be accrued (fictitious pension capital)
    • an explanation of the pension overview
  • When will you receive a pension overview?

    Employees who are currently accruing pension capital at Flexsecurity will receive this overview each year. Their pension statement can also be found on Mijn pensioencijfers (‘My pension figures').

    If you are no longer accruing pension capital at Flexsecurity, but the capital is still with us, you will receive a Uniform Pension Overview (UPO) from us every five years. A new pension overview is available online each year. You can download this through the secure environment of this website: Mijn pensioencijfers (‘My pension figures').

  • Date of commencement of employment differs from date of commencement of membership. Why?

    In principle, there is a 26-week waiting period in which no pension is accrued. You only become a member of the Basic Scheme after this period.

    The commencement of membership date is the date on which you joined your current pension scheme for the first time. During your employment, your pension scheme may change from the Basic Scheme to the Plus Scheme. As a result of this, your commencement of employment date may differ from the commencement of membership date.

    If you have had several periods of employment at your current employer or at another employer that has joined Flexsecurity, the commencement of membership date may be earlier than the commencement of employment date at your current employer.

  • A small amount is involved. Can you commute this pension?

    No, this is not possible. What happens to your pension depends on the amount of the accrued pension when you leave the company.

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  • You have received two UPOs. Why?

    This is because you actively participated last year in both the Basic Scheme and the Plus Scheme. You will be informed separately about both schemes.

  • You retired this year but have still received a UPO. Why?

    The UPO relates to last year. As you still actively accrued pension in that year, you are receiving a UPO for the last time.

  • The details on your pension overview are incorrect. What should you do?

    If you have reported any changes after 1 January of this year, these changes will appear in next year’s pension overview. This is because these changes do not affect your pension from last year.

  • Have your details changed?

    You receive one pension overview a year. Any changes are included in the pension overview that you will receive next year.

  • Why is your partner not listed on your pension overview?

    If you die, we check the municipal personal records database to see if you were married or had a registered partnership.

    If you are cohabiting, your partner is not regarded as a surviving dependant in the Basic Scheme. Your partner is regarded as a surviving dependant in the Plus Scheme provided that you are registered under the same address at the municipality and you have entered into a notarial cohabitation agreement. You must both be registered at the same address. You do not have to send us a copy of the cohabitation agreement. However, your partner will need to show us a copy of the cohabitation agreement if you die.

  • Why is your state old-age pension (AOW) not listed on your pension overview?

    The AOW pension is not listed on your pension overview because the amount of your AOW pension depends on your personal circumstances. It namely depends on how many years you have resided or worked in the Netherlands prior to the commencement of your AOW pension. We do not keep track of this, but the Social Insurance Bank (SVB) does. The SVB arranges AOW pension payments on behalf of the government. For more information about your AOW pension, see www.svb.nl.

  • Is there any information on the pension overview that is required for tax purposes?

    It may be necessary when completing your tax return to include how much your pension has increased over a year. This is known as factor A. You will find this on the pension overview for the year concerned.

  • What is factor A?

    Factor A is a formal name for the increase in your pension over a calendar year. The factor A amount is important if you have not yet retired and are saving for additional pension.

    Factor A indicates the tax allowance. This is the amount you should use for your tax return. The factor A of 2014 must be used for the 2015 return, for example. You can read more about factor A on the last page of your pension overview.

  • Must you keep the pension overview?

    Although there is no obligation to do so, we recommend that you keep the pension overview. This would give you access to all the details that are important for your pension accrual. If you suspect something is incorrect regarding your pension, you can check it on the basis of your pension overviews. If you lose your pension overview, go to My Pension Figures. You can download your pension overview there (NOTE: this platform is currently only available to members who have approached us by e-mail for commutation, the Uniform Pension Overview, and the introductory package).

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