How do you accrue pension?

Defined contribution


Your defined contribution is determined on a portion of your gross salary. Part of the salary is sometimes not taken into account for pension accrual. For more information, refer to Article 7.2 of the Plus Pension Regulations. The salary that counts towards pension accrual is called the pensionable salary. The defined contribution is a percentage of your pensionable salary minus the offset (the portion of the salary on which you do not accrue pension because you receive AOW pension). This percentage depends on your age. The table shows what percentage we use for each age group. We calculate the contribution using this percentage.

Your age* Percentages
From 21-24 4.2%
From 25-29 5.2%
From 30-34   6.3%
From 35-39 7.7%
From 40-44 9.3%
From 45-49 11.4%
From 50-54 14.0%
From 55-59 17.2%
From 60-64 21.4%
From 65-67 25.7%

* For the purpose of determining the member’s age, the age on the last day of the four-week period or the calendar month in which the contribution is made available, is decisive. See the following example by way of explanation.


Mr Jansen earns €600.00 in a 40-hour working week. The offset for that week is 40 hours x €7.01 = €280.40 and the pension basis is then: €600.00 - €280.40 = €319.60.

On 2 September 2021, Mr Jansen is 38 years old. According to the table, the relevant percentage for a 38 year old is 7.7%.

In that week, the contribution for Mr Jansen’s pension scheme is €319.60 x 7.7% = €24.61.


The regulations set out precisely what you will receive in our pension scheme. The regulations can be downloaded here (in Dutch).

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